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For Aspiring Individuals and Corporates, who seek professional training and guidance, CEVA is an experiential and adventure learning platform that provides networking community events, residency programs, short term workshops, and long-term courses in urban and rural sectors. Unlike other experiential learning platforms and professional learning academies, we provide on-field knowledge and educative travel as a moving classroom academy, create

brand-specific and tailor-made learning experiences, and help bridge the gap between amateur to professional.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to shape the future of acquiring

knowledge through

hands-on experience. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide experiential and adventure learning opportunities by creating hands-on experiences and educative travel experiences.  

Social Impact


We aim to EMPOWER

We aim to empower people by making them realize that talent and passion have a huge place in the modern world, and there is scope to make your talent your career. Our selected and trained artists will get job placements and

freelancing work opportunities. We at CEVA, wish to empower them to follow their dream.

talent hunt for empowerment

We aim to raise funds to hunt talented artists in need of scholarships across rural sectors in India and provide free education in such areas by facilitating workshops. Our aim is to announce our talent Hunt for Empowerment.

Our goal at CEVA is to be known as the "Gratitude Brand"!

We believe, that we must give back to the global community to show our gratitude for all that we continue to learn and acquire from the world and each other. As a community, we cannot grow alone.

The ceva family

+900 Global Community Members

Our team is part of our large community! We don’t recognize ourselves as a team separate from our clients, our students, our visiting faculty, and our partners.

We are all one big community. 

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Gratitude Brand

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