Cancellation Policy & Payment Terms


100% advance payment to be made by the participant upon booking.

75% refund provided upon cancellation 60 days before the tour.

50% refund provided upon cancellation 30 days before the tour.

25% refund provided upon cancellation 15 days before the tour.

NO REFUND provided upon cancellation 10 days before the tour.

Airline cancellations as per airline policy. 


Should you fail to meet in time for our scheduled departure for any reason, you will not receive a refund of your tour costs. The vessel departure/flights will not be delayed due to your late arrival. This includes factors beyond your control including medical problems, connecting airline delays, bad weather, etc. 

No refund provided to the participant who chooses to Drop Out between the Scuba Diving Course at any point, due to many reasons including, emergencies, personal reasons, failed dive medical, failed swim test, medical conditions, or any other reason. 


No refund provided if the participant does not pass the PADI certification exam. The same will be at the discretion of the Dive Supervisor in-charge. 


If the participant wishes to change the dive center or wishes to be trained by another instructor, for any reason, there will be no refund provided for the same.


Please note that after the finalization of the Tour/Service Cost, if there are any Hike in Taxes, fuel cost or guide charges – by Govt of India, the same would be charged as extra.


Our rates are based on the prevailing rates as negotiated by us with the hotels, airlines, etc. Hotels and Airlines retain the right to modify the rates without notice. In case of such changes, the rates quoted before the modification can be changed by us according to the modifications by hotels or airlines.


We shall not be responsible for any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances – directly or indirectly – due to natural hazards, flight cancellations, accident, breakdown of machinery or types of equipment, breakdown of transport, weather, sickness, landslides, political closures or any untoward incidents. 

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