Our goal at CEVA is to be known as the "Gratitude Brand"!

We believe, that we must give back to the global community to show our gratitude for all that we continue to learn and acquire from the world and each other. As a community, we cannot grow alone. We must evolve together into tomorrow. At CEVA, we aim to contribute to the world by empowering aspiring professionals across the globe. Our talent hunt has been inspired by the same thought. 

talent hunt for empowerment

We aim to raise funds to hunt talented artists in need of scholarships across rural sectors in India and provide free education in such areas by facilitating workshops. Our aim is to announce our talent Hunt for Empowerment by 2021.


If you would like to show gratitude, by giving back to your profession in some way or write to us.

We'd love to hear about it and maybe even help you execute your deed of gratitude.

Also if you have any ideas for the CEVA community to help show our gratitude or collaborate with you, write to us and we'd love to hear about your ideas. If your idea fits our vision, we promise to have our team brainstorm further on the idea with you. Let's give back knowledge, and make the world a better place together.