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Childhood is a beautiful phase of becoming aware of the million possibilities the world

has to offer. Let's give teenagers a chance to explore as many possibilities as they can before they grow up to make bigger life choices. In today's world, the horizons have expanded and children are exposed to so many choices. At CEVA for kids, we nurture learning in special ways for these young adults.

Experiential Learning helps students gain confidence about their strengths at an early stage. It helps one grow collaboratively, thus building a sense of team spirit and cohesiveness among the students/learners. A lesson read in class or a video explained by the teacher might be forgotten but an experience gained on field stays for life.

This gives students an opportunity to outgrow themselves as an individual and become a better version of themselves today than what they were yesterday.

our offerings

programs for individuals & groups

Choose from a vast basket of

one on one online sessions or get

your child to join one of our fun

and educative online and offline group workshops and educative travel programs.


We also curate tailor-made, personalised team building games, and educative tours for groups.

Age Group: 13years+

Our uniquely curated personalised educative travel programs and team building activities for 

"Parents & Kids" to enjoy together in groups are a great bonding & learning experience.


programs for schools & colleges

We have curated short in campus workshops, team building games, motivational talks, extra curricular activities and educative travel programs for batches of students.


Age Group: 13years+


We are also a one stop shop for your excursions including field trips, class picnics and educational tours.

Our community is filled with professional experts you can invite as visiting faculties, guest speakers or judges for your school & college festivals & specialised training.

upcoming courses



download module

3 days online PHOTOGRAPHY workshop on

compositions in photography

for beginners

download module
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