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about us

Textbooks are a treasure of knowledge accumulated by others while experience is the journey of knowledge self-discovered as life-long lessons.

prachi chaphekar,

Founder & ceo, ceva education

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our vision

Our Vision is to build a global community of change-makers that transform the future of acquiring & sharing knowledge.


Our mission is to give direction to talent by curating travel & learning experiences for passionate knowledge seekers across urban and rural areas through experiential and adventure based learning.

who are we

For passionately talented Individuals and Corporates, who seek professional training and guidance, CEVA provides residency programs, workshops, courses and tours across India through experiential and adventure based learning programs. Unlike other experiential learning and travel companies, we provide on-field knowledge and educative travel opportunities as a moving classroom academy, by creating personalised and brand-specific learning experiences though the help of our amazingly talented community of change-makers who believe in coming together, to better the world of learning systems, by acquiring and sharing knowledge. 


CEVA means Creative Enhancing Visual Awareness. 


Passion, empathy and mindfulness are key aspects of individual and community growth. With these pillars, one can connect with their inner-self to release their creative energy and maximise their potential. Our insightful professional programs and sustainable education aims to help you develop successful and transformative careers through these key aspects by providing on-field knowledge and soulful alternative education techniques amidst nature as we embrace earth within positively curated environments. We offer you an array of uncharted possibilities with the scope to make your talent your career and your work environment an accelerate of growth, while realising a deep sense of inner fulfilment as you allow your talent to become an expression that teaches you, instead of you teaching it. At CEVA, we don't teach you, we help you explore and empower your own talents. We help you nurture your dreams and follow your passion. We simply give your talents a direction!

how we achieve our goal

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1. We research

2. We collaborate

by bringing together a team of expert professionals as faculty and facilitators.

3. We develop

thoroughly via authentic online & offline data, books & other sources, conduct destination recce and interview professionals.

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6. We learn

through monitoring & evaluation to constantly improve our services, restrategise & innovate.

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5. We deliver

fresh and unique experiential modules and refine them along with our faculty members to include their real world professional expertise into each program.

4. We curate

personalised and group,

online and offline,

experiential and adventure based learning programs & opportunities.

guidance, certifications, 

life-changing experiences, happy memories, new friends & impactful career opportunities.

our story

When our Founder & CEO, Prachi Chaphekar launched her brainchild, CEVA Education in December 2019, little did she know that the timing would turn out terrible. Within 4 months of launching CEVA as a moving classroom academy, we curated our first successful artist residency program with a belief that the most powerful way to acquire knowledge was beyond 4 walls. While that belief became our root, COVID hit the world, and CEVA like all others, was locked up within 4 walls. Amidst that terrible timing, while we were learning to survive, we witnessed that the true power of knowledge isn't beyond 4 walls, but in the fact that it can be found anywhere. We launched our online learning platform to adapt with time, and continued to inspire our community by delivering knowledge through all digital platforms. We embraced knowledge in all forms. And today, as we open our doors back beyond 4 walls, we do it with understanding of the true power and nature Knowledge possesses.

And we call ourselves a community of change-makers, so that everyday we can remind ourselves that the world is full of opportunities to create a positive impact by simply sharing the knowledge we acquire.


CEVA is home to anyone driven with passion for their talents. We strongly believe in a positive, soulful and thriving community culture, where we encourage ideas, and provide the ultimate creative freedom of expression. In today's unpredictable and busy world, CEVA is a safe space for you to rejuvenate through me-time, tap into your true inner potential, connect with like-minded individuals, and give your talents a direction through professional & personalised training & guidance. All our programs are extremely unique & created to provide real world & authentic exposure.

We can't be described better than that of the experience of our alumni, hence, as Pratibha, our former artist in residence quoted, "CEVA is a spiritual journey with your passion. The place where soul starts working with your mind and body."


Our goal at CEVA is to be known as the "Gratitude Brand"!

We believe, that we must give back to the global community to show our gratitude for all that we continue to learn and acquire from the world and each other. As a community, we cannot grow alone. We must evolve together into tomorrow. We aim to contribute to the world by empowering aspiring professionals across the globe. Our talent hunt has been inspired by the same thought. 

talent hunt for empowerment

We aim to raise funds to hunt talented artists in need of scholarships across rural sectors in India and provide free education in such areas by facilitating workshops. We aim to launch our talent Hunt for Empowerment by 2023.


If you would like to show gratitude, write to us.

We'd love to hear about it and even help you execute your deed of gratitude if possible.

If you have any ideas for the CEVA community as a Gratituder and would like to collaborate with us, you can share your ideas with us and if your idea fits our vision, we promise to have our team brainstorm further on it with you. Let's give back knowledge, and make the world a better place together.

High Fives


As a community, we love to collaborate!

We are grateful to our partners who help us come closer to our vision with their amazing support and contribution.

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Alka Shesha

leadership coach

& facilitator

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Roshni Lachhwani


Our faculty's experience at ceva


"Being a part of CEVA Artist Residency as a faculty is one of my most favorite moments so far. It was just not creating art but experiencing it in all its glory by the mountains and lake in a quaint house in Panchgani. An Artist’s Paradise. Felt so free-spirited. Looking forward to more such experiences! Lots of love to Prachi for including me as a part of the CEVA community."

— Kshama Thakkar, art by Kshama

Faculty at Artist Residency

Faculty - Kshama Thakkar
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