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At CEVA, our priority has always been to deliver knowledge to you!

We have always aimed at bridging the gap between amateurs and professionals by providing practical knowledge and making learning accessible to everyone and in order to continue to do so during these difficult times, we are making an effort to provide offerings that will help you gain on-field knowledge while sitting at home or amidst safe outdoor environments
In order to adapt to a changed world, we need to be open to learning. We need to innovate, accept challenges, step out of our comfort zones, think outside the box and make our weaknesses our strength, while ensuring to keep our community motivated.
We believe inspiration can be found anywhere.
It is limitless, and so is knowledge! Even in these tough times, our human race will continue to learn
and evolve, to overcome all challenges.

as humans,

learning is in our nature.

so, lets never stop!

Dear community members,
We are pleased to welcome you
to the "CEVA Digital world"
online workshops
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Intensive Photography

Duration: 1 Month

Learn the basic fundamentals of Photography with aesthetic and technical knowledge and maximise your creative abilites.

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Art Therapy

Duration: 1 Day

Learn to use therapeutic art techniques using creative processes to express yourself through art for emotional and mental well-being.


Compositions In Photography

Duration: 3 Days

Learn to portray powerful stories through eye-catching compositional techniques that re-define the way you photograph the world.

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It's time to make your office an accelerator of

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Our brand-specific & personalised offerings:

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  • Small group Events, Residencies & Offsites

  • Private Villas

  • Private Travel Arrangements

  • Twin Sharing Beds/Single Occupancy

  • Contactless Check-In

  • Temperature Check

  • Santization & Disinfection

  • Kitchen Safety

  • 15 days gap between 2 events

  • Compulsory COVID testing of all members

  • Trained Caretakers

  • Service from a Distance

  • Minimum arrangements from vendors

  • Social Distancing

All our stay partners are COVID - safe private villas & hotels that follow WHO & FSSAI guidelines

Our Brand your Choices

Help us understand you!


We know that during this difficult time amidst the pandemic, your life choices may have differed.

We understand that you have priorities and that once we get past this difficult time, your priorities might differ too.

At CEVA, our priority is delivering knowledge to you.

Please click the button below to fill the quick survey for us to be able to continue delivering knowledge to you

while keeping your changing priorities in mind.

Stay Tuned

We are currently revamping our older website, updating it with a few more offerings and making it more user friendly for you.

Until then follow us and stay in touch!

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