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Planning a trip? Let us help you make it even more exciting!

We are a one stop shop for all your travel & learning needs! We curate personalized tours for you, by helping you sit back and enjoy the trip while we take care of all your requirements and experiences from planning to creating memories to learning. We help you choose the right destination, curate experiences, and add exciting learning opportunities that make your trip relaxing & adventurous at the same time!

All you need to do is help us get to know your preferences to personalize and curate the most unique & hassle free experiences for you!


Domestic & International Destination Choices


A Vast Range of Awesome Experiences


Exciting Learning Opportunities



Itineraries as per your preferences


Personalized Offerings as per your Budget!


24/7 Travel Assistance during Trip

Indulge in a vacation that leaves you feeling 'complete' - with a blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, adventure, exploration, positive vibes, knowledge and lots on happiness & fun! We design trips by connecting with your emotions and needs both! Whether you like leisure trips filled with comfort and luxury OR whether you like to backpack and live in arty and cozy villas, we've got you! Whether you want to get away from the world and take time to heal while you connect with your inner self, OR whether you wish to celebrate an important upcoming life event with your closed ones, OR maybe even just take a family trip to bond, we've got you! 

We understand your taste and your feelings, and create the itinerary that fulfills the reason of your travel, emotionally and mentally!

learning experiences

Feel free to choose a learning experience and we will recommend the best destinations to travel to OR pick a destination and we'll share a list of learning experiences you can indulge in, at the destination of your choice. Our beautiful world abounds in limitless opportunities! It's time to grab them, and say YES to new adventures!

Personalized Tours in India | CEVA Education | Travel & Learning Experiences
Personalized Tours in Maldives | CEVA Education | Travel & Learning Experiences
Personalized Tours in Nepal | CEVA Education | Travel & Learning Experiences
Personalized Tours in Vietnam | CEVA Education | Travel & Learning Experiences
Personalized Tours in Thailand | CEVA Education | Travel & Learning Experiences
Personalized Tours in Bhutan | CEVA Education | Travel & Learning Experiences
Personalized Tours in Bali | CEVA Education | Travel & Learning Experiences
Personalized Tours in Greece | CEVA Education | Travel & Learning Experiences

We have an amazing variety of unique Travel Experiences you can choose from at every destination.

From dinner in the sky to private wildlife safari's with breakfast in the jungle, spa and wellness treatments overlooking the sea, snorkelling at under water museums, private riverside romantic dinners, and so much more! Every destination has something great to offer! We curate trips ensuring you that your journey is a happy and positive memory which you can look back at in life, smiling ear to ear!


We are NOT a travel agency. We only provide trips that include learning experiences, unlike travel companies who provide recreation trips. We're a community of change-makers helping each other achieve travel and learning experiences that help us grow and bond with our inner-selves through experiential and adventure based travel!

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