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At CEVA, we are all ONE community of expert professionals, faculty, current students and alumni, partners, corporates and adventure enthusiasts who are all seeking to impact the world and expand the horizons of our talents, while we thrive on acquiring and sharing knowledge. The CEVA community is built of change-makers who believe in coming together, to better the world of educative systems in their own industries through experiential, adventure based learning and educative travel. The one thing that binds us together, is our thirst for our passion and our hunger to constantly explore and learn more!

You can join us too! Come and make a difference in global education, travel and adventure!

Let's make a difference together!

1500+ global community members

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Join our online and offline community meet ups!

CEVA talks

We invite our community members and professionals from across different professions to share their knowledge though our blog about absolutely anything the human brain would love to learn & evolve from. We've created space for you to showcase your talents, share knowledge and have discussions. Browse through interviews of expert professionals, learn about various art forms, read photo essays, journals, news blogs and participate in community polls, discussions and quizzes!
​As a community, let's grow together!

CEVA Education BLOG
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CEVA design studio

CEVA Design Studio is a platform for our community members to showcase their design and art talents, network, gain clients and sell merchandise.

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Our Brand, your Choices.

Help us understand you!


We know that during this difficult time amidst the pandemic, your life choices may have differed.

We understand that you have priorities and that once we get past this difficult time, your priorities might differ too. At CEVA, our priority is delivering knowledge to you.

Please click the button below to fill the quick survey for us to be able to continue delivering knowledge to you

while keeping your changing priorities in mind.



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  • Online Members Area with Personal Login

  • Direct Access to Faculty and Trainers

  • The Knowledge House - Access faculty notes, Read news and blogs, re-access all files provided in your training, share your knowledge.

  • Direct Access to our Partners

  • Network, Bond, Collaborate and Meet Like-Minded People

  • FREE Entry at ALL our Community Meet-Ups & Socials

  • FREE CEVA merchandise

  • Upcoming Events - Be the first to know about upcoming workshops, courses, and events.

  • Access to the Global Member MAP - locate dive centers, dive shops, photography rentals, dive buddies, instrument shops, and much more on our MAP globally.

  • Member Discounts, Vouchers, and Gifts

  • INVITE to our Annual Member Gathering

  • Access to Member Group on Facebook

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