As a moving classroom academy, our professional courses are designed as unique and intensive long-term educational travel modules. Our students travel to different states across India studying and learning their culture and their art forms, taught by our local expert mentors and faculty members.

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Tying a Knot

While bridging the gap between amateurs and professionals, we aim to transform their destination from simply being ready to experience the world to becoming experienced connoisseurs ready to change the world.

Our Courses are created to mold our students into "change-makers" and in order to achieve that, our mentors design modules stepping away from the norm. Our courses are structured in a way, that along with professional training, students develop new life skills, professional ethics, empathy, stronger sense of awareness and a sense of responsibility towards our planet.

Our courses not only provide a mastery over skills but with the on-field knowledge provided we help you develop a problem-solving attitude and give you an experience of real-world situations as you ambitiously take a leap of faith into the vastness of the profession of your passion and strive to make it your career.

upcoming courses

in 2021-2022


Short Term Course

Open Water Scuba Diving, Andaman Islands

Age: 12 yrs +


Long Term Course

Intensive Photography

For Youth Age: 12-16yrs

Online & Offline


Long Term Course

Intensive Photography

For Age 18+ yrs

Online & Offline

Scuba Diving Courses

Experience the adventure while mastering the skill of Scuba Diving, in the gigantically marvelous world beneath underwater. Our Courses are certified by PADI & SSI Divecenters and Trainers.

Dive Locations: Andaman Islands, Goa & Netrani Island.

Note: CEVA is an educational brand and hence we do not conduct any recreational fun diving experiences.

LONG-TERM course outlines

Scuba Diver in Reef
Image by Royal Enfield
Image by Alif Ngoylung
Artist at Work

courses starting in 2022

culinary art

5 states, 5 chefs, 5 students & 5 cuisines.


details coming soon!


a 3 month course with journey across india,

learning folk music in different states, from local artists led by faculty of famous indian musicians.

Statue with Mask

COVID Update


Ocean Clean Up Dive in Tarkarli is postponed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Dates for the Winter Scuba Diving Courses in 2021 will be announced in May 2021.

All Scuba Courses for December 2021 have been indefinitely postponed due to the COVID situation in local areas of our Dive Sites, government travel restrictions, and tourism guideline in all cities.





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