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Best Wildlife Experience in Africa - “THE BIG FIVE”


The “Big Five” being reminiscent of the old safari hunting days was coined by big game hunters referring to the 5 most difficult animals in Africa to hunt, mostly due to their ferocity when cornered and shot at. Being among the most dangerous and yet most popular species for big game hunters to hunt, they remain the most sought after on the African dream safari. Africa is only place where they still roam freely in great numbers. The incredible possibilities of seeing the “Big Five” up close in the wild is one of the most significant & indelible moments one can ever experience!!

The African Leopard Masters of disguise and notoriously difficult to spot, the African Leopards are the most elusive amongst the BIG 5. The best way to sought them is in the trees, which they use as a safe resting place to simply to sit and observe. Their eyes seem beautifully mysterious and cunning as they are themselves. These magnificent big cats are great at hiding if they don't want to be spotted by you. Keep your cameras ready, for when spotted, these stealthy african leopards are a thrill to photograph!

The Big Five African Leopard
Photo-credits: &Beyond

The African Lion

KING OF THE BEASTS!! Most chances that you will witness the great African Lions resting. Lions being the most laziest are found sleeping or resting for almost 16- 20 hours a day and are most active during dawn and dusk. They can reach speeds of up to 81 kph (50 mph) but only in short bursts because of a lack of stamina. The breath-taking site of these fearless majestic lions is nothing less than simply spine-tingling!

The African Lion
Photo Credits: &Beyond

The African Elephant

THE POWERFUL GREY GIANTS!! The enormous and intelligent, African Elephants may weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale, yet are the largest living land mammals. They are among the most social animals and live in extremely large herds. Witnessing these massive herds of elephants and the sight of them swimming is a thrill to watch, absolute fun and a very special experience.

The African elephant
Photo-Credits: &Beyond

The Cape Buffalo

Pounding the terrain, leaving a trail of cloudy smoke in its wake, the strong and vigorous, Cape Buffalos, are one of the most difficult prey for predators. Sometimes referred to as bush cow, one mustn't underestimate their capabilities. With running speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and herd sizes that range up to 1000, the cape buffalos are no less of an exciting sight to witness than the giant others.

The Big Five African Cape Buffalo
Photo-Credits: &Beyond

The Black & White Rhinoceros

The warrior-like, strong & skilled, Rhinoceros, are known as "crash" when in a group and are distinguished between Black & White not because of their colour, rather because of their mouths. The white one's are square lipped and have a broad flat mouth for gazing while the black one's are hooked-lipped and have a pointed mouth for eating foliage. The endangered black rhino's are only around 4000 left in the wild, so find yourself lucky to site one and be nothing but overwhelmed at the "can't take your eyes off" moment of witnessing the warriors in a fight and beware from the danger of a rhino charge.

The Big Five Black & White Rhinoceros
Photo-Credits: &Beyond

PLAN YOUR TRIP NOW & WITNESS THE EXTRA-ORDINARY BIG FIVE! Get ready for the best wildlife experience in Africa during your travels! Bon Voyage! BLOG BY: PRACHI CHAPHEKAR

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