A learning space to nurture dreams.

We are here to give your talents a direction and help you conquer your dreams in the real world.

CEVA Education is an alternative education academy that aims to bridge the gap between amateurs and professionals, by using on-field knowledge and a practical learning methodology. 

We are the quintessential learning space for teenagers and adults to have new life experiences, explore careers and master new skill sets while becoming connoisseurs in chosen fields of passion.  At CEVA, we believe that the most powerful way to acquire knowledge is beyond 4 walls, and hence we are proud to introduce CEVA to you as a "Moving Classroom Academy".


With this unique learning structure, we curate a vast range of knowledgeable experiences for adults and youth. Our experiential and adventure based learning programs. Our community is a the perfect place to network and meet like-minded people to share knowledge with one another, as we evolve together and create a better world.

At CEVA, We are all about the "experience of acquiring and sharing knowledge".

We don't teach you life lessons through books, we help you experience your own!

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Our response to covid-19

our community

A community of like-minded expert professionals and learners with different talents coming together to acquire and share knowledge as change-makers in different professions.

The Professional Achievers

Students who are interested in the

long term courses who want to make their passion - their career.

The Adventure  Enthusiasts

Working Individuals and Companies

seeking short term professional training in their

field of passion and skill.

The Network

Alumni, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Corporates, Facilitators, Mentors, Hobbyists, Vendors, NGO'S, amazingly talented humans and

like-minded people who share interests and a craving for knowledge.

community experience at CEVA


"I have been to the Artist residency workshop 2020 that CEVA arranged in Panchgani.

My personal experience was really good. They conducted workshops throughout the week by professional artists. What I liked most was the concept of moving classroom and also connecting the professional artists to amateurs not only to teach but also to share experience and guide us. Overall I would really recommend people like me to go CEVA if they want to experience something new while learning what they want. Keep going CEVA!"

Komal Kulkarni

CEVA Alumni & Community Member 

Artist-In Residence March 2020

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